Established 1992... our 29th year adopting Greyhounds in the Ozarks

Greyhound Pet Adoptions Springfield MO started in 1992 and was founded by Alane & Roland Shultz. We have had Greyhounds in our lives since 1983 with our first Greyhound adoption, Blondie. Blondie was three years old and had raced in Sarasota where she broke her hock and was retired from racing. She arrived in Springfield in December 1983 where it was 17 degrees. Soon after that we adopted our second Greyhound, Amos. Soon after that we found a stray Greyhound in Greene County in a cold snowy January. He became our third Greyhound.

In 1992, I had an epiphany, which was to start doing retired racing Greyhound adoptions in southwest Missouri. I became acquainted with Gloria Sanders in Iowa, one of the founding member of Greyhound Pets of America. Our first two official Greyhound adoptions of Spirit and Red Wing were to two Springfield families on August 15, 1992. Petsmart also opened in Springfield in the summer of 1992. We held our first Meet & Greet there in October 1992 and called it MEET A GREYHOUND DAY. We had lots of media publicity then and about five Greyhounds there to promote adoption. Since those beginnings we have adopted out over 1,000 Greyhounds and have helped hundreds of others to get into other Greyhound adoption programs with whom we have established relationships.

In September 2016 we received our own 501(c)3 tax exempt organization status, independent of Greyhound Pets of America. We will now go by Greyhound Pet Adoption - Springfield MO. We are now able to freely affiliate with other like minded and responsible Greyhound adoption groups throughout the country, without interference from a national level. Our group will continue to follow the belief: "What can we do today to help more Greyhounds get to their forever homes responsibly?" It's our duty not only to do the best we can in the Ozarks but also to assist groups in areas that are so overwhelmed with huge numbers of Greyhounds to help that they must be moved to other adoption programs throughout the US. We will be more autonomous, more productive and more efficient in use of our time and money! Our mission has not changed!

I'm looking forward to our 30th year and we are truly blessed to have Greyhounds in our lives.

Alane & Roland Shultz

Roland Shultz
 Roland and our first Greyhound, Blondie - 1983
Greyhound farm
My first Greyhound farm visit
in Kansas - 1985
Risky & Biz and me, our second
male and female - 1990
Greyhound adoption
July 1992 - me and our first two
official adoptions,
female Spirit and male Redwing.
Greyhound adoption
Meet A Greyhound Day,
Oct. 1992 at Petsmart.
Petsmart opened in Springfield in 1992.