We have no kennels. All dogs coming into GPAMO go into private foster homes. Our foster families open their hearts and homes so that we can know more about the dogs’ personalities than if they were kept in a kennel situation. The dogs also have a head start in the adjustment to home living. Our dogs have been cat tested. Many Greyhounds get along with cats and some do not. Cat testing is almost always an accurate way to determine that.

We may adopt to people that live in apartments in the Springfield, Missouri area. We will not adopt to people in apartments out of the immediate Springfield, Missouri area.

Generally we adopt to surrounding areas that are about a 2 hour radius around Springfield.  Since Greyhound Companions in St. Louis is not doing new adoptions after Dec. 31, 2020 we will consider applications from the St. Louis area if we can get a home visit done.   

Some Requirements for Adopting a Greyhound

Being a loving responsible pet owner.
Greyhounds must be a house pet.
Fencing is needed most of the time. Homes with children must have fences and have locks on the fence gates. Fencing needs to be OUT THE BACK DOOR of your house and the size of the area depends on the age and personality and exercise needs of the dog. An average yard in the city of Springfield of approx. 30′ to 40′ x 50′ on a 3 BR ranch house is the minimum requirement. The best exercise for any X-racer is a good walk. They love to take walks.
Existing pets must be on heartworm preventative and be spayed or neutered (exceptions considered on a case by case basis).
Although greyhounds are usually good with kids, we do not adopt to families with children 5 years of age and under. Greyhounds are strong dogs and not used to the activity of a young child.
Homes with children under 8 must purchase and read Brian Kilcommon’s Childproofing Your Dog. (Available at most book stores or may be purchased through GPA-Springfield).


About the Greyhounds

The dogs are all spayed or neutered.
They have their rabies, DA2PLCPV, and bordetella shots.
They have been wormed and started on heart worm preventative.
They have been started on Pet Armor.
They have been groomed and microchipped.
Their teeth have been cleaned by the vet.
A martingale collar and a leash.
The adoption fee is $375.00. (Here's a free copy of Adopting the Racing Greyhound, the best book still to read prior to adopting. ).


General Information

Greyhounds are extremely clean and have no hereditary health problems. They are kennel broken, thus virtually house broken. They are highly intelligent, intuitive and loyal. They learn routines quickly. Most are 2-4 years old when available to adopt and live to be 12-14. They are very social and like other pets, including cats. They don’t need any more exercise than other breeds. A daily walk will do. They are very sensitive and give an unlimited amount of unconditional love. Most are 55-80 lb. and eat between 3-5 cups of dog food per day.