We offer adoption opportunities for specific Greyhounds


Our adoption application form is now available for those interested in adopting Carly. The adoption application form may be accessed at the link below. Please follow the instructions provided.

If you have any problems, please contact us.

  • On your desktop, please fill in the form.
  • Save your completed form to your computer.
  • Email your saved form to AlaneGreyhound@gmail.com
    or print and mail to:
    Greyhound Pet Adoption–Springfield, MO
    ATTN: Adoption Committee
    2016 S. Arlington Terrace
    Springfield, MO 65804


We offer maintenance and support for our current adopters


Our group will be doing maintenance and support for the next 8-10 years for our current adopters and any needs they may have for their Greyhounds. We will also be here to take in any returns/surrendered Greyhounds from anyone or stray Greyhounds. We are currently not accepting applications. Some adoption groups in the US are bringing in racing Greyhounds from Europe or Australia. Those adoption fees usually start around $1250 and up. The nearest group to SW Missouri doing this is Greyhound Adoption League of Texas based in Dallas, Texas. See galtx.org for adoption information. Also learn about adopting Galgos Greyhounds from Spain. This group is located in Illinois. Go to fbmamerica.org/adoption-resources.