Adopt a Greyhound – The Greyhound Project. – Merchandise sold benefits greyhound adoption groups nationwide. – Greyhound Gang adoption in UT.

M & M Designs – Decorative martingales and coats.

Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine – Greyhound Health and Wellness.

Greyhound L – Greyhound talk list. – Greyhound talk list.

NGA Pet Certificate – You can register your Greyhound pet with the official North American Greyhound registry, the National Greyhound Association. A portion ($5) of your fee will be sent by the NGA to the Greyhound pet agency of your choice when you register your Greyhound as a pet.

Morris Animal Foundation – Canine health studies.

The Voyagers Jewelry Design – Greyhound fine jewelry. – Nationwide canine shelter search site. GPA-Springfield has a home page

CG Calendar-Submit your very best shot of your greyt friend for the Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar!

Logan’s Secret- A new book written by Suzanne Burke about her adopted greyhound Rapido USA. His story is an extraordinary one about some interesting decisions he makes in his quest for his forever home.

"A wonderful story that you don’t want to end. A must read for all who are graced to live with a Greyhound."

"Written from Logan’s point of view, which captures your attention and your love.”

Go to and read more about the book and its reviews - A comprehensive guide to pet insurance providers, how they work, what they cover, and how to choose the right one for your pet.