Dear Greyhound Friend,

Every year, in preparation for our annual meeting, we review the income and expenses of the year. Many comparisons of categories over the years are very similar, however, one vet expense has greatly increased. This is the expenses for our senior greyhounds going through our program. Seniors are greyhounds that are eight years old and up. Some of these seniors are brought in from farms, some are strays, and some are returns due to various reasons (death, divorce, moving, etc.). We do not charge an adoption fee for our seniors, but adopters must apply and be approved just as if they were adopting a younger dog.

An article in Dog Fancy reported an upswing in the return or abandonment of senior dogs. There are several reasons attributed to this trend, which is affecting adoption agencies and shelters across the nation including Greyhound Pet Adoption Springfield, Missouri. All of the senior dogs that are returned get a full blood panel done and an EKG, they all have needed a dental cleaning, updating of vaccines and treatment for many other medical conditions in preparation for finding them a new home.

Thus we have determined there is a need to establish a fund for this deserving age group. In order to continue helping these guys we have started the Chico Fund. Chico's greyhound mom is greyt fundraiser Carla Myers. He was her first greyhound and was a special boy. He died suddenly Feb. 19, 2005 at the age of 11½. We thought we'd honor him and his mom by naming this needed fund after him. This special fund will be used for seniors taken in by our program. We must make a sincere appeal to all of you to donate to this fund. Thanks to everyone who has already donated to some of our seniors that had extensive expenses. Your caring makes a difference!

We do not see that this trend will go away as greyhound adoption increases nationwide and the ex-racers popularity as a pet continues to thrive. We need your help and support. You can touch and improve the lives of these greyhounds in our program, making it possible for them to find new homes.

Please make your tax-deductible donation to Greyhound Pet Adoption Springfield, Missouri and note Chico Fund on the memo. Mail to P.O. Box 3693, Springfield, MO 65808.

Donations may also be made through Paypal by paying the GPA-Springfield MO email address of

We will keep you updated on our success and the seniors we continue to help.

Heartfelt thanks,

Greyhound Pet Adoption Springfield, Missouri Officers