GPAMOTHE WEATHER WAS PERFECT! Thanks to all the volunteers who worked to make our gathering a big success, and to all of you who came to give your support!

Special thanks to:

  • Gabe & Kelli Fleck for hosting our gathering at their home
  • Carlene Mitchell for selling items from her personal collection of greyhound decor and donating half to GPA
  • Diane & Scott King for donating the brats
  • Gabe Fleck for his expert grilling
  • Patty Wingert for her delicious greyhound treats
  • The Plant Lady who will be donating $75 to us from her proceeds
  • Lori from KC for selling her coats and collars
  • Bill for Coke products
  • And so many more!!!

The salads and desserts were wonderful! The Greyhounds enjoyed fried chicken livers.

Congrats to John & Megan Schmidt, parents of Greyhound Betty. They won the $250 Shell Gas Card.

Our income from the event is $2,185 so far, and will probably be adjusted upward as final totals come in. This is AWESOME!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended, helped and contributed!

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